Sunday, 31 October 2010

Glue Marketing Brief: Yamutto; Be Fabulous.

Thankfully Nadia seemed to like the pitch of ideas that I have been working with using the fabulous to echo the fashion range in her celebrity light and give a feeling of the brand as a fashion range as to a range of drink or photography. I propose sticking with the Yamutto logo but with and iconic slogan that can be relatable, I suggest a hand-made type that would suggest personalisation from Nadia, it may seen obvious but I feel it works commercially. I proposed 2 styles, although not final I feel set against the background image (Monsoon/Accessorize) these solutions could work well.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Unfake Brief Client Consultation

Based upon the Aqua brief that I produced last year I have decided to complete another brief that addresses branding and window dressing for a small company. Having been passed this shop once and spoken to the attendant it was clear he was very interested in having something displayed in the window as a way of getting people engaged and want to come into the shop. More to come on this soon.

Glue Marketing Brief: Yamutto Slogan Pitch

Glue Marketing Brief: Yamutto Initial Ideas

After delivering my designs for the Loft Leeds successfully I have been given the opportunity to work on a new brief for one of their actual clients. And this is no small brief, I have been given the opportunity to work for a brand new luxury brand accessories range created and endorsed by no other than Nadia from Big Brother! Yeah, thats right!
John asked me to have a look at the existing website and come back with some constructive feedback about he design and what I could do with it, overall I think it went very successfully. It basically needed a big overhaul starting from the logo design and needed a website that was more functional and showed what the brand represented instead of looking like a company that sells champagne.

Jon asked me to have a look at the design of the logo and come back with a pitch for a slogan that would be used alongside the logo which represented the brand and delivered not just a nice visual but could be understood as a fashion brand. I came up with a variety of different proposal but one that stuck in my head was "feel fabulous". It was iconic as one of Nadia's statements but way subtle in its wording so it wasn't overtly obvious and could be recognised and relatable to her audience in what her accessories and so on should give the consumer.

All Aboard Records Initial Ideas

I took a few minutes out of my day to start looking towards other briefs that I am looking at completing, thankfully as Holly and Bob are friends they're not too bothered about the time of which the need their work to be completed. At the minute I have been getting the obvious ideas out of the way for their design of their logo, nautical imagery would be a safe way to go but I think I want to challenge conventions and make something they wouldn't think of.

Market Week Twitter Background

For the promotion of the event I suggested the use of social networking as a means of getting on a student's level. I went about creating this background image for use on Twitter as Ithought it would be appropriate and professional to have a consistent working theme.

To gain insight into how the the image would look on the background of the twitter page I sampled the look using my own personal twitter. This turned out to be very beneficial as it turns out the image isn't standard requirements at all and will unfortunately vary between computer to computer. for example below the image is cropped too far left and the text in the images is hard to see.

Market Week Continued

Having my work chosen for the visuals of the brief I am really glad I submitted my proposal and it is a true testament to show its not about how long you spend on something its about your ideas and how you fit into the brief.

"Please thank all those students who submitted concepts for this brief.

The team were very impressed with the range of ideas that were placed before them.

The winning design was selected because of:
· its simple imagery,
· it had a freshness that would easily be associated with an undergraduate event
· it could easily be screen printed onto bags and labels.
· It was bold and different enough to stand out in a sea of publicity and posters.

Would it be possible to see Carl today in order to brief him to produce a logo ASAP

Many thanks


I consulted bridget and we discussed her needs and what the project was all about. After she emailed me the content of the leaflet and E-flyer which I started on straight away. There were a number of things that needed to be addressed including colour, point size. I produced a variety of different designs using these.
Also Bridget had come up with a number of changes also such as the date of the event and the name, now changed to "Leeds College of Art Pop-up Shop".

After our meeting Bridget came back with my list of to-dos for the forthcoming event, I though this was really good as it allowed me to plan n advance.

"Thank you for taking the time to come and see me so quickly. Here is a list of artwork required to promote, launch and run the Leeds College of Art ‘Pop-up shop’. Can you create the ‘do something inspiring’ e-flyer by tomorrow lunchtime please? Copy for the e-flyer is attached. I welcome any feedback on the content but please let me have it by the end of today.

These are the items we discussed:

1. E-flyer ‘do something inspiring’ – immediate for distribution to all Art College staff and students
2. Twitter background theme - ASAP
3. E-flyer ‘come together’ – 10 days
4. E-flyer ‘open up’ – 10 days before the event
5. E-flyer ‘be inspired’ – 10 days
6. Artwork for carrier bag screen print (small & large)– 10 days
7. Jigsaw pieces handouts for German Market
8. Giant Jigsaw pieces ambient marketing – for German Market nights"

Market Week Final Proposal Boards & PDF

Market Week Ideas Finalised

The strongest idea that I came up with was the use of the puzzle pieces to give the idea of connections, which is what the market week will be about, students being able to communicate with industry professioanls and the public.
For the design I had no intentions of producing a logo design, I felt it was too cliche and for something that would only be around for a week I wanted to make something simplae and easily recogniable in terms of visuals and shapes. Instead I proposed more of identity, using the puzzle pieces as a backdrop to everything visual. I decided to limit the use of fonts to 2, BEBAS for headers and important pieces of information and Helvetica for body text as it is a safe option to go with.
I tested a range of colours but I decided to go with turquoise mixed with a vibrant pink/purple colour.

For the submission I came up with the following layouts for a flyer design and poster. overall I'm quite impressed with myself given I only gave myself 5 hours to actually design this thing from start to finish, I'm tired but really pleased I came up with a proposal.

Market Week Initial Ideas

Adjusted Final Flyer and Card to Send to Glue Marketing

Flyer and Christmas Card to Send