Sunday, 26 September 2010

First Three Briefs

I chose based upon the statement of intent that I had proposed three brief that fitted the criteria. The first 'All Aboard Records' will be a brief dedicated to identity design and its application to a wide variety of different media. As a live brief I should also get some informative feedback about the work that I produce.
The second I have chosen will be to design a publication to be sold at the Manchester book Fair. A primarily research led brief leading to the design of a small book with the possibly of taking it across into other media. As yet another live brief this will allow me to explore a topic (yet to be specified) and investigate.
The final brief, again live will be to design a typography based image on the city of Hong Kong. This more short brief will allow me to again research and explore an unknown topic and combined with a live craft fair produce print to be sold locally.
As I am to select four I have chosen to complete a competition brief, possibly from the D&AD whom will release the next set of briefs at the end of october.

Umbrella Statement for my Practice

Although having created and read this statement aloud confidently to my fellow peers I felt the exact opposite when it came to their questions.

"High-end identity design and visual solutions driven by layout and aesthetics for quality print and web
distribution. "

To be honest I'm sure many people put down things they were really unsure about. I did feel that this overarching statement did not reflect my current practice. A couple of other words that I noted down; detail, I do have a tendency to become obsessed with tweaking and "polishing s**t", and Type & Image I feel I have a practice that reflects sides of both, although I am not the best illustrator.
My peers suggested that I look back at what I had done last year once I started getting confused about my statements. By including visual solutions I feel it says that I am not just interested in the logos and 2D elements of a solution but the environmental/3D graphic side which I started looking at last year and could suggest research led solutions.

Friday, 24 September 2010

2 Lists of 5 Things

5 Statements of what I don't want to do and why

01. Create characters
- Do not have the illustrative skills required.
- Patience required.
- Doesn't gel with my clientele and potential employers I have looked at.
02. Work on projects to do with tactical ethical branding and advertising
- I feel I have an awareness of issues, but do not wish to pursue advertising and identities based on issues surrounding the environment.
- I feel it has been looked at many a times.
03. Learning how to use coding and using motion graphics
- An awareness of design for digital I feel is appropriate, but a focus more on layout and function as oppose to building.

5 Statements of what I want to do and why:

01. Logo design and brand identity
+ Have more corporate work in portfolio.
+ Work on self identity.
+ Potential for broad application.
02. Have competent web skills
+ Basic knowledge of terms and ability produce functional websites.
+ Work on self promotion, currently no identity.
03. Work on layout designs
+ Potential for a wide variety of applications, editorial, web, print.
+ Clean design.
+ More corporate/formal pieces for portfolio.
04. Investigate a subject
+ Interpret and share new information.
+ Personal and investigative subjects for portfolio.
05. Work on more live Briefs
+ Gets my work out and into the environment, plus potential of being paid for design work.
+ Valuable experience of working with clients.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

OUGD301: Manchester Book Fair

With the final year now underway I have had a lot to think about but unfortunately have neglected the blog, but here we go for one last time.
As part of the new design practice module we are to select at least 4 different briefs (including 1 live competition brief) to which we are to complete before christmas. Sounds like fun. As one of my briefs I have chosen to produce a piece of work to be sold at the manchester book fair in october as Amber has kindly booked us a place to exhibit work to sell.