Thursday, 22 April 2010

What do I want to do?

For the final major project for our second year we are to come up with a brief based upon past experience and what we would like to do within our personal practices and interests. We set out what it is that we wanted to accomplish from the project firstly by discussion and then by analysing personally writing it down what I wanted to produce from this project and why:

+ Produce a product for sale
For self satisfaction ad knowing someone is willing to pay for something you've made.
+ Use screen printing more
Its personally relaxing and has a rich tactile quality.
+ Create more illustrative type
As a portfolio piece which has more illustrative qualities.
+ Explore Web design
Currently earning how to use Adobe Flash, personally love a degree of web interactivity.
+ Submit work for competitions
Often faster than coming up with a self initiated project from scratch and gets me involved in the design community.
+ Work on the production of a visual merchandising campaign
Love consumerism and retail graphics, and personally love persuading people to buy things.
+ Produce an interesting piece of data graphics
Love the visual quality of this in particular working with large quantities of statistics.
+ Create a logo
Can I do it? Whom for?
+ Work on a project for my local area
For local acknowledgement and the love of my local area of West Yorkshire.
+ Design and print my own business cards
Demonstrate the ability to offer myself service as a designer.
+ Design an Installation piece/artwork
Love working with tactile pieces and photography of 3D visuals.
+ Find a creative partner
To discuss and someone whom can rely on to help me when I am in need of inspiration.
+ Create a book
Self satisfaction.
+ To complete another research led brief
To find out something that I didn't know before.
+ Create instore visual material & design for fashion.
In similar to designing product I am particularly interested in selling something in particular that I have made.

I'm sure I could have come up with more but for the minute I think I have a few things I can be getting on with.

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