Thursday, 22 April 2010

What Brief would I want to do and the opportunities?

Here I selected the brief and objectified them in terms of the possibilities of what I wanted to accomplish with the final major project. Using information such as the final outcomes and the obviously the subject matter I have been able too identify the possibilities I could do with each brief.

College Brief 'My Dogs are Barking'

What the Brief wants:
+ 3 Compositions
+ Image or Typographic interpretation
+ Studies of everyday English Language & and its cultural and historical diversity
+ Research led interpretations
+ No specific target audience
+ No specifically identified formal outcome

What I want from the Brief:
+ Local Regional words
+ 21st Century Modern Language
+ Fun from everyday language, lighthearted tone
+ Range of specific outcomes, possibly a range of product interpretations
+ Yorkshire Dialect

What do I want to do? & Why?
- Create more illustrative type
Expand the range of diversity in style and create more illustrative work within my portfolio.
- Work on a project for my local area
Working for my local areas is something I have been wanting to do but lack the opportunity.
- Create a book
Something tactile that can be photographed and demonstrates my ability to work with printed media.
- Open ended outcome print/screen based
Allows me much more of a personal interpretation of my findings.
- Light-hearted tone
Should allow much more flow and make the designing process much more fun.

YCN Competition Brief (2010): Ted Baker

What the Brief wants:
+ Design a window space/visuals for the Autumn Winter collection
+ Propose/create in-store visual material
+ Explore other forms of media e.g. Ambient advertising
+ Explore and promote irreverently British humour
+ Fun and attention grabbing/put a smile on people's faces
+ Simple to understand
+ Transferrable visual style

What I want from the Brief:
+ Explore the notion of interactivity through a window display and visual merchandising
+ Design and use illustrative and experimental layout design and images
+ Create something fun and memorable
+ Consider the use of installation pieces and unique features

What do I want to do? & Why?
- Work on the production of a visual merchandising campaign
Love consumerism and retail graphics, and personally love persuading people to buy things.
- Create a logo
Although indirectly relating to the brief use of the Ted Baker logo may apply to the new branding of the shop windows
- Create in-store visual material & design for fashion.
In similar to designing product I am particularly interested in selling something in particular that I have made.
- Explore the notion of installation artwork within Graphic Design
I am interested in creating something physical and tactile that is begging to be touched.

YCN Competition Brief (2009): Institute of Contemporary Arts

What the Brief wants:
+ Create a range of greetings cards
+ Holiday themed; Christmas cards
+ Fixed format A5
+ Create images to be placed upon the surface
+ Communicate the properties of the ICA Brand

What I want from the Brief:
+ Create a range of Christmas-based products
+ Explore and push the boundaries of the notion of a greetings card
+ Year-round range of cards
+ Extend the range into visual material for the institute environment
+ Typography/Image based
+ Themes

What do I want to do? & Why?
- Produce a product for sale
For self satisfaction ad knowing someone is willing to pay for something you've made.
- Use screen printing more
Its personally relaxing and has a rich tactile quality handmade products are a possibility.
- Produce an interesting piece of data graphics
As the visual interpretation of this is open. I Love the visual quality information graphics, in particular working with large quantities of statistics.

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